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Assigning a astatic IP address to a network device

Koobrick WiFi Manual

9. Assigning a static IP address to a network device

To configure your internet access, FTP and WEB server access or to open ports for online gaming, it is often necessary for a computer or game console to be assigned a static IP address.
The KooBrick WiFi LAN menu allows you to assign a static IP address (Static DHCP Lease) to a network device, computer, game console or network storage device.

This is how you do it:

1. Open your browser (e.g. Internet Explorer or Safari) and write http://wifi.koobrick in the address bar in order to gain access to the KooBrick WiFi menu (Admin Panel).

2. The KooBrick WiFi login page will be shown, and you must enter your username and password.

  • Standard username: admin
  • Standard password: 1234

If you have changed the username and/or password for your KooBrick WiFi, you must use this/these.


3. Click Admin Panel to open the WiFi menu


4. Open the KooBrick WiFi Admin Panel. Click SETTINGS & TOOLS to open the menu.


5. Click Advanced Settings either in the menu on the left or in the overview in the middle.

6. Choose LAN in the submenu.


7. Click on the box for “Enable Static DHCP Leases” to activate the service.

8. Click on Select and choose Refresh


9. The list of connected network device is refreshed and you can now choose which device you wish to assign a static IP address.


10. Choose a device and click on the ” << “ button to transfer the unit’s MAC address to the MAC address bar.

  • Enter your desired IP address in the IP address bar.

Important! The IP address you use must be in the same IP area as the KooBrick WiFi. If you have not changed the IP address of your router, start with IP address and increase the number (112, 113 etc.) for each device you add.


11. Click Add to add the device to the list of units with a static IP address.


12. Repeat steps 9-11 if you wish to add more devices.

13. When you are done, click Apply to save your settings.

14. Click APPLY one more time to restart the KooBrick WiFi and have the settings take effect.