Wireless Home Products Designed to Fit Your Home

The latest wireless technology in a beautifully concealed package

Designed for your Home

WiFi and all the KooBricks are designed to compliment the interior of a home without standing out as a technical gadget.

2x Fast

WiFi utilizes dual band technology, allowing it to provide standard 2.4ghz as well as the more advanced 5ghz Wireless standards.

Quick and Easy setup

All KooBricks, WiFi included, have easy and intuitive setup processes. Plug in your WiFi, connect the cables and you will be online in minutes.

Join Forces

WiFi works well as a stand-alone wireless router but it shines when used in connection with the other Koobricks; Boxi and Roomi.

Dual Band Gigabit Speed

WiFi supports the industry standard 802.11 Wireless networking. There are several flavours within this standard and all KooBricks support the most common A,B,G, and the latest N. This ensures that WiFi always works well with all your wireless products.


As Simple as 1,2,3

WiFi offers a smooth and easy way to setup and configure your Wireless network. Simply access WiFi from any web browser to set name and password for the wireless network and access more advanced features.

A Perfect Fit

KooBricks are modular; you can mix and match them to suit your specific needs.Collect all your wireless equipment in one place with WiFi and Roomi or create a full home media centre by adding Boxi. Every KooBrick have knobs to lock into the feet of other KooBricks, so that when a new KooBricks enters your household it easily fits in.

KooBrick WiFi is available in stores across Scandinavia.